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Are looking for a program for a Jewish school or organization?

Lisa is the author of Shmulik Paints the Town (Kar-Ben Publishing 2016.) She is the first PJ Library author in the Detroit area. Her book could be included into many programs about Israel and Israeli Independence Day.

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Are you looking for a program with art or creativity?

Since the story is about creating a mural, the book can help launch multiple art projects.

Are you looking for a program about Amazing animals?

Lisa’s story can complement any canine event. Dogs love to read her book

Any person can come to read—but only Lisa can be The Book Fairy!

As the Book Fairy she can read a book that you select or she can share her own stories:

Finding the Right Fit: The children will help act out of this story. (This is not a print book) Circle is invited to the Geometry Ball. But she can’t find a dress to fit her shape. This story teaches colors, shapes and how to appreciate everyone’s unique size and shape. It supports literacy, math, and character education state standards. This story can be adapted for young or older children.

Amazon Rapids:  Lisa also has several stories on an app developed by Amazon called Amazon Rapids.  They are funny stories that read like text messages between two characters.  Worm v. Early Bird is a favorite because it also teaches about facts about worms.

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Lisa Rose can do even more!

Are you looking for a children’s yoga class?

Lisa has developed a unique twist.  Lisa tells stories with yoga poses. The children participate by doing yoga poses with Lisa. It’s perfect for active kids who have challenges sitting still for story time.

Click here for a video about Story Time Yoga. 

Are your students or children frustrated with writing?

Lisa can help encourage more creativity with small groups or whole class groups. Then she can teach students and teachers how to use Focus Areas of Correction for what she calls a NO FREAK OUT editing process. The biggest hindrance to creativity is fear of doing it “wrong.” Once kids are relaxed about the expectations they will be better able to create original ideas.

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Is homework a battle at your house?

Lisa can help end the war and provide quick teaching tips.  Lisa has taught at public, private, charter, and university led schools in urban and suburban settings.  She is also the mother of a child with special needs.  Put Lisa’s diverse experience to work for you!

Click here for a video about my Stop the Homework Battle Program.

The Book Fairy!

“Her ability to connect to the audience of children and adults was endearing and inspiring…I hope to work with her again and recommend her for any upcoming event.”

Jodi Rudick, San Diego Jewish Book Fair

“The books you chose were all wonderful; ones that I would not have even known to select.  You picked such a nice variety and it was awesome how you selected them based on what we were learning.  I especially loved the inside stories you told about the authors…”

Theresa Walsh, teacher at Forest Elementary

“Lisa promoted the practice of yoga and healthy living in a positive, fun and nurturing way for my boys. They loved coming to her class and all her activities were fun for them because she was cognizant of making her yoga classes developmentally appropriate class for their age groups. They still look back on their experience with fondness and great memories!”

Jordana  Wolfson,
Former Director of Adat Shalom Pre-school