About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a life-long Detroiter and proud to be part of her city’s creative comeback. I attended the University of Michigan where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in education. I also have a master’s in teaching reading and language arts, and an endorsement in early childhood. But the biggest influence on my writing is the time I spent teaching in Highland Park and Pontiac. Most of my students were African-American, and many lived in homeless shelters. One of my passions is telling my students’ stories so their voices can be heard. My stories also celebrate my Jewish roots. My grandparents barely escaped Poland and came to Detroit for a better life. The better life they found still wasn’t easy — humor always helped them make it through the worst of times. I use my experiences, family heritage and sense of humor to write stories that make children celebrate who they are.

Random facts about me:

Favorite color is blue
Hates ketchup
Loves swimming and favorite stroke is butterfly
Once had pet turtles named Broccoli and Peapod
Had pet Guinea Pigs. Loves them more than turtles, but not as much as dogs.
Climbed Mt. Washington! And was really bummed when I got to the top and found out she could have driven up
Lucky number is 2
Practices yoga but hates Indian food and anything spicy or garlicy. Please feed me frosting and ice cream
Likes to wake up early—like before 5 am early
Prefers Law & Order reruns over any Reality T.V.