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Picture Books

SHMULIK PAINTS THE TOWN – PJ Library selection – Amazon Top New Release for Jewish Children’s Books.

SHMULIK PAINTS THE TOWN is about a painter who has to create a mural for Israeli Independence Day. He can’t decide what to paint and gets a little help from a very unexpected source—his dog!

SHUMLIK PAINTS THE TOWN is available as an E-book, a Paperback, or a Hard cover.


SHMULIK PAINTS THE TOWN is dedicated to my Aunt Roz for teaching my daughter how to love dogs. 

My daughter came to us on Hanukkah—with only 14 hours’ notice! After illness, 5 failed IVF attempts, and a surrogate story that belongs on Dateline—we received that magic call. A baby needed a home.

Three months later we discovered she was legally blind. My daughter has supersonic ears—she hears everything and what seems “normal” to us is intensified for her. So when three huge dogs rushed at her when we visited a friend—she had what can accurately be called a “freak out.” Really, I couldn’t blame her for being a afraid. But this made her afraid not only of dogs, but all animals. A dog can be essential for my daughter. It could give her the freedom to independent. (And not living in my basement when she is 43) Seriously, you can’t go through life being afraid—especially something that has the potential to create such joy in your life. My Aunt Roz is also a dog trainer and owner of My Hero Dog Training. In October 2014 she welcome a new puppy in her life—Bleu. My Aunt helped my daughter become unafraid. A year later my daughter adores Bleu and they are BFF’s, have matching Halloween costumes and magazine stars!