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I’ve been featured on Amazon Rapids, a revolutionary new product by Amazon that allows your child to read stories that come to life!

The titles of my stories:

Worm vs. Early Bird

Venus Flytrap vs. Bee

Mystery Valentine

The Best Christmas Tree Ever!

What is Amazon Rapids?

Unique Chat Style

Stories are told through the lens of characters chatting with each other, letting stories come to life one message at a time.

Short stories anytime, anywhere

Amazon Rapids’ stories are perfect for kids on the go. The exclusive content has been designed to make kids laugh and to provoke their imagination. From the very first line kids will be captivated with Amazon Rapids world of short stories.

Hundreds of original stories

Explore a large and growing library that’s filled with hundreds of original stories.

SHH! Lisa is working on a top secret project with Jeff Bass, Oscar and Grammy winning music producer of Eminem.